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Make health and fitness a priority this year and get ready for a complete mind & body reset.

You’ll get access to effective and time efficient workout systems, easy to follow nutrition guidelines and daily mindset exercises to keep you motivated all year long.

I’m dedicated in helping you reach your health and fitness goals

-Loudy Wiggins

Four time Olympian (Diving), Personal Trainer, Certified Nutrition & Wellness Coach & Mum of two

MBB 28 Day Kick-Start Challenge & Membership Program


Take the guesswork out of nutrition and fitness

The MBB workouts are short, easy to follow and suitable for all fitness levels. You will visibly see more tone, target fat burning and burn calories for a proven 48 hours post workout with these training methods.

The nutrition guidelines and meal plans are suitable for the whole family with quick and easy recipes that are nutrient dense and tasty.

Whether your goal is weight loss, improved wellbeing, or you want workouts you can do anytime, anywhere, the MBB program will ensure you have the support to stay accountable and motivated.


What’s Included in the Programs?


28 Day Kick-Start Challenge


The 28 Day Kick-Start Challenge is a complete health and fitness system created for measurable results. In just 4 weeks you will not only lose weight and centimetres from all the hard to shift places, but you will see more tone and set up some effective habits you will keep for life.

What you’ll get:

  • 4 weeks of easy to follow workout, tailored for the busy individual and complete with video instructions. (Low impact and no equipment versions now available!)
  • 5 weeks of meal plans
  • Gratitude and Wellbeing exercises
  • Over 60 Recipes for Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner, Snacks and Desserts
  • Goal-setting guide and user-friendly tracking tools
  • Pantry and refrigerator staples guide – with product discount codes
  • Shopping Lists
  • Exercise manual with thorough descriptions and picture guide
  • Nutrition guidelines – adapt your diet when eating out
  • VIP Support group
  • Daily emails to kick start your program
  • 60 Days Access to the portal
  • 100 % Money Back Guarantee


Membership Program

$37 per month (NO Contracts, Cancel anytime)

ACCESS ALL AREAS. Gain instant access to the ultimate health and fitness membership and never waste gym fees again. You will have access to workouts at your fingertips including Personal Training Sessions that you can do at home, LIVE streamed workouts and expert content.

What you’ll get:

  • Access to ALL  the 28 day Kick-Start program content, including Meal Plans, Goal Setting Guides, Shopping Lists and more (Valued at $79 per month)
  • 2 new personal training sessions per week – one NO equipment workout that can be done ANYWHERE (Valued at $496 per month)
  • Over 80 Recipes, plus 4 new recipes added per month
  • Stretching and Rehabilitation Section
  • Core stability workouts (including Fit Ball exercises)
  • Travel workouts
  • TRX workouts
  • Barre exercises
  • Running section – couch to 5km
  • VIP Support Group
  • Pantry and refrigerator staples guide – with product discount codes
  • Personal Health and Wellness Coaching (Valued at $400 per month)
  • Gratitude, Wellness and Mindfulness exercises
  • Video instructions to each and every exercise
  • Access to ALL  the 28 day Kick-Start program content, including Meal Plans, Goal Setting Guides, Shopping Lists and more (Valued at $79 per month)
  • Access to LIVE workouts WEEKLY with the opportunity to ask real time questions (plus a record of each workout for times you can’t join us (Valued at $100 per month)
  • Access to ALL events and special guest appearances from “experts” that will help you on your health and fitness journey (Valued at $200 per month)
  • Unlimited email and VIP group support (Valued at $350 per month)


Whether you start the 28 Day Kick-Start Challenge or join the Membership program, MBB will empower you to live your life with the vitality and confidence you desire.

Nourished Body – Healthy Mind


All goals (in life, relationships, business or career) start with health and fitness. When you invest in yourself, you are able to gain perspective and you can finally start to change the behaviours that have been holding you back.

With the MBB program you get my unlimited support. Unlike other cookie cutter programs, I respond to each and every one of my members personally.

My formulas for food and exercise come from education, experience and results that I see with clients on a daily basis.

We all live a busy lifestyle, juggling family, careers and children. The most common reason I hear for not exercising is lack of time and falling into old habits. This is the precise reason I created this program. You CAN have it all, and I will help you find the balance you seek on a long term basis. Being confident and feeling  fit and healthy is not a pipe dream – MBB will make it a reality.

 – Loudy Wiggins ­– Four time Olympian(Diving), Personal Trainer, Certified Nutrition & Wellness Coach & Mother of two

I’ve been training with Loudy for nearly 3 years and definitely believe in her methodology of training smart. My body changed very quickly and I am fitter than ever with only two sessions a week.

Rosie. Melbourne, Aus

Best ever! This program kick-started me to a healthier lifestyle. I’ve lost 4kg and have kept it off easily!


Bec. Melbourne, Aus

I just wanted to say thanks for taking the time to help me out. 2 weeks on and I’ve lost 1.5kg so far – I feel like I’m finally getting into the swing of things


Britt. Brisbane, Aus

I’ve done the 28 Day Challenge and my body is changing! I’m onto week 3 of membership & have lost 10lb (5kg). The kids love the meals too. I sleep better, I’m more confident and am so glad for your support

Jen. Arizona, USA

I do PT, BodySculpt and am part of the MBB program and love it. I’ve been training with Loudy for nearly 2.5 years and would highly recommend her programs to everyone.

Claire. Melbourne, Aus

28 Day Kick-Start Challenge


MBB Membership Program

$ 37  per month

(Billed Monthly. No Contracts. Cancel any time.)


$ 297  per year (save $147)