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Christmas Holiday Survival Guide – including travel workouts!

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Christmas Holiday Survival Guide – including travel workouts!

Did you know the average Australian gains 3kg over the holiday period? Don’t become a statistic this year! Whilst it’s ok to “let go” over Christmas, follow these simple guidelines to ensure you come out the other end without too much damage to your health and fitness journey!

Whether you celebrate Christmas in the traditional sense or not, the festive season is a beautiful time to enjoy family, friends and take a break. The lead up can sometimes seem crazy, with so many social activities and deadlines to meet, but it’s important to take time out for you.

Physical activity should still remain a priority during this time – whether it’s dealing with the overwhelming dynamics of your family or if you are worried that Christmas will disrupt your weight loss journey, exercise is honestly the key to your sanity.

Great for mind, body and soul.

I think it’s important during this time to not be too hard on yourself and give yourself time to relax a little with food; by that I mean for one or two days and not the entire month (sorry!).

When eating out at social occasions, practice mindful eating. Really enjoy your food without guilt, but still focus on lower starch options.

Below are my top tips for surviving the festive season as well as a work out plan that you can use when travelling or on holidays. Alternate the workouts (don’t just stick to the easiest one!)

I strongly advise exercising in the morning – if you have children take advantage of your partner being home and alternate days that you both exercise alone. Or better yet, get everyone out of the house and do it together.

By the time the afternoon comes, you won’t want to exercise – I know the romantic idea of having a slow morning is great, but in theory will probably make you feel lethargic – physical activity in the morning will allow you to enjoy the entire day in a brilliant mood – try it for one day (ok make that two or three days) trust me!

Tips for surviving the holiday season:

  •  Hydrate, hydrate and hydrate some more – water is so important to the way your     body functions,  so no matter how busy you are, or what you are eating, don’t forget the water!
  •  Don’t deny yourself – If you feel like eating something, go ahead and do so, but keep the portion  sizes to a minimum
  •  Limit your alcohol to a number you think is suitable – alternate every alcoholic drink with a full  glass of water
  •  Fill your plate with vegetables and protein and lower starch options.
  •  Avoid bread – with so much amazing food around why fill up on bread? Save it for dessert!
  •  Don’t skip meals – although if you have a very heavy lunch, try to have something very light such as  soup for dinner
  •  Eat slowly… enjoy your food
  •  Pay attention to portion sizes
  •  Listen to your body – don’t eat to be full, aim to be satisfied
  •  The goal shouldn’t be to lose weight over the season – it should be to maintain weight and not do too much damage to your journey
  • If you are hosting, have healthy options available, or if you take a plate make sure it’s filled with vegetables – the possibilities are limitless. Think lots of colours and flavours – my favourite this season is roast cauliflower, with pistachio nuts and pomegranate in a sweet soy and rice syrup dressing. If you would like the recipe just email me!
  • If baking is your thing, cut the amount of sugar in your recipes and search for substitutes (i.e. whole meal, low fat ricotta, purees)
  • Enjoy your holidays, keep up the physical activity (daily!) and eat wisely

Below are 8 home workouts that should take around 30 min each with minimal equipment required…

Rotate the workouts and do one daily/every second day and enjoy! (If you need help with the exercises don’t hesitate to email me)

Start off each workout with a dynamic warm up of leg kicks forward, side ways and back as well as arm circles, hip circles, knee circles and stretch post workout…

Repeat each circuit 3 times. 10 reps of each exercise (unless specified).

Work out 1

30 min walk at a brisk pace

Work out 2

Walking lunges
Tricep dips
Standing squats with jump

Full laying push ups
Split squat jumps
Leg lowers (on back legs straight, slowly lowering legs to ground, while maintaing back on ground)

Plank (1 minute)
On stomach, alternating opposite arm and leg (50 each leg)
Burpees (or if you really hate Burpees try box jumps – actually, just do the burpees and add a push up for added degree of difficulty)

Work out 3

Walking 2 minute, running 2 minute for 30 minutes

Work out 4

Sitting squat on box
Single leg hamstring lift (slowly)
Slow sit ups (slow up and roll down)

Squats with jump (standing squat with jump at the end)
Reverse crabs (20) (up on all fours in an inverted bridge and lift one leg at a time, keeping your legs up)
Roman lunges (one leg on box behind you, lunge)

Tricep Push ups (normal push ups with elbows close to you)
Scissors (20 each leg)
Side bounding x 10 (think soccer warm up exercise – vine)

Workout 5

15 minutes of skipping – (skipping ropes cost about $5 – it doesn’t need to be great quality) if you want to go longer, do so, but have you tried skipping for longer than 15 minutes? Try 2 minutes on, 30 sec rest and repeat 7 times

Workout 6

Sit up with twist (half sit up position, rotating from side to side  – easier if you are holding something you can try to place it next to you on the ground rotating side to side)
Reverse crunches
Reverse lunges

Wall squats – holding 1 minute
Leaning kneel backs
Side plank with dip

Standing squat
Hops on each leg x 30
Active plank (plank position, coming up on each arm without moving hips)

Work out 7

Rotating Squat jumps
Single leg squats on box
Bounding (think leap frog)

Legs up touching toes
Crabs (sit up position touching ankles)
Side lunges, wide

Split Squat Jumps
Single Leg Hamstring lift (on back, lifting one leg, buttocks off the ground)
Supermans (on all fours, legs in and out)

Workout 8

Oval sprints x 12 100m sprints with 1 – 2 minute break between.


Merry Xmas and a Happy New Year!

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Ludi Wiggins
Ludi Wiggins
Ludi Wiggins is a former Australian diver - 4 time Olympian, Dual Olympic Medalist, 3 times Commonwealth Games Champion. She is a certified nutrition and wellness coach and has a holistic approach to all things health and fitness. She is a mum of two and ran a busy Personal Training studio for 4 years in Moonee Ponds, Melbourne. She now helps busy people via her online programs, live a fitter, healthier life in both Mind and Body. She has a big focus on positive body image and holistic health. (Formerly Loudy Wiggins and Loudy Tourky!)

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