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Workouts & Meal Plans Designed to Fit in With Your Busy Life

I want to help you go from where you are now, to where you imagine yourself to be no matter how busy your schedule.

 You’ll have access to new workouts weekly that you can do anywhere (including at home or at the gym), new recipes to take the guesswork out of meal planning and my continued support and guidance to make sure you get results that are sustainable.

My programs don’t just focus on nutrition and exercise. I have a holistic approach incorporating wellness, mindset coaching and wellbeing into all of my programs.

This equals long term sustainable results and lifestyle change, where you won’t slip back into old habits.

I’m so excited in helping you see measurable results & live a fitter, healthier life in both Mind and Body.

-Ludi Wiggins

Four time Olympian (Diving), Dual Olympic Medalist, Personal Trainer, Certified Nutrition & Wellness Coach & Mum of two

Nutrition & Wellness Support For Your Busy Lifestyle

I’ve included a wealth of easy-to-follow meal plans that you and your family will LOVE. With more than 90 recipes (that get added to weekly) and nutritional guidelines, you get optimal health, fat burning and nutrient dense meals, without the guesswork or fad diets, for long term sustainable results. The recipes are gluten free & grain free, but adaptable to most dietary requirements…

Fast Start Workouts You Can Do Today

You’re getting INSTANT access to the workouts that get updated WEEKLY. I’ve also included video instructions with each exercise to help you achieve targeted fat loss, build lean muscle, and even burn calories and have your metabolism soaring for a full 48 hours post-workout. And the best part – you get results without spending hours exercising.

No Lock In Contracts

Join the community, get inspired, stay accountable, share and learn. I know you’re going to love the training, personal coaching, and accountability you get with the MBB program, but I want you to know that you’re under no obligation to stay forever – we won’t ask you to sign a contract at all. So if you ever decide to give up the support, accountability, and in-depth training, you can always cancel – no questions asked.

PLUS… I won’t just give you my word that you’ll love the MBB programs… I back up my promise with a 100% money-back guarantee.

Train from your device, anywhere, anytime.

The MBB Workouts are mobile responsive which means that your virtual ‘trainer’ is on call 24/7

What’s Included in Your Program?


You’re getting complete access to every part of the MBB system (but don’t get overwhelmed – I hold your hand every step of the way), including:

  • The 28-day Kick-Start Challenge including meal plans, goal-setting guides, shopping lists, and much more (value: $79/month)
  • 2 new personal training sessions every week… including a ZERO-equipment workout you can do from absolutely anywhere (value: $496/month)
  • Personal health and wellness coaching (value: $400/month)
  • LIVE workouts with real-time answers to your questions… plus video replays of each live workout (value: $100/month)
  • Special events with guest appearances from top health and fitness experts (value: $200/month)
  • Unlimited VIP group support (value: $350/month)
  • All 90+ recipes, plus new recipes added EVERY month
  • Goal Setting Guides
  • Daily Mindset Exercises
  • Stretching and rehabilitation exercises to help you prevent and recover from injuries
  • Pantry and refrigerator staples guide, including money-saving discount codes
  • Video instructions to each exercise
  • And much, MUCH more!

That’s a value of at least $1,625 per month, but you’re not going to pay even close to that.

You’re getting full access to Mind & Body Blitz membership, including everything listed above, for just…

$37/month (No Contracts, Cancel Anytime)

Loudy 4 copy

When you start taking care of number one (that’s you!) you are able to gain perspective and can finally start to focus on making small consistent changes, that will lead to BIG results.

I understand everyone’s goals are different and that’s why we have the different training programs, but with each MBB program you get my unlimited support.

Unlike other cookie cutter programs, I respond to each and every one of my members personally and the programs are adaptable to YOUR needs. You’ll never be palmed off to support or admin crew and I will be with you every step of the way.

I understand you live a busy lifestyle, juggling family, careers and children. The most common reason I hear for not exercising and attacking your goals head on, is lack of time and falling into old habits. This is the precise reason I created these programs. You CAN have it all. Being happy in your own skin, reaching your goals and feeling fit, confident and fabulous is NOT a pipe dream… with the right tools, it WILL become your reality

 – Ludi Wiggins ­– Four time Olympian(Diving), Personal Trainer, Certified Nutrition & Wellness Coach & Mother of two

Being confident in both mind and body is not a pipe dream, MBB will make it a reality.

You will start seeing and most importantly feeling results within weeks of starting this program, but this is not a quick fix or fad program – it’s about long term, sustainable results in mind and body. It’s about having access to workouts that you can do anytime, anywhere.

Improve your health, fitness and get ready to kick some serious goals!

Nourished Body – Healthy Mind

    Jaimee, Vic, Australia

    Jaimee, Vic, Australia

    Your workouts are so easy to follow - I tried another program awhile ago and I breathed a sigh of relief when I did my first MBB workout. I could follow everything so easily from my iPhone!

    Megan, Vic, Australia

    Megan, Vic, Australia

    I wanted to thank you and your 28 Day Challenge. At the start of the challenge I was in a food rut. I had a goal to initially drop the weight, but also to make better decisions. I'm so excited to share, that during the blitz, I lost 3kg and in total I have now lost 5.8kg. I am the lightest I've been since having Harley. I have dropped a clothes size and maintained my weight so easily

    Jen, Arizona, USA

    Jen, Arizona, USA

    I’ve done the 28 Day Challenge and my body is changing! I’m onto week 3 of membership & have lost 10lb (5kg). The kids love the meals too. I sleep better, I’m more confident and am so glad for your support

    Bec, Vic, Australia

    Bec, Vic, Australia

    Best ever! This program kick-started me to a healthier lifestyle. I’ve lost 4kg and have kept it off easily!

    Claire, Vic, Australia

    Claire, Vic, Australia

    I do Personal Training, BodySculpt and am part of the MBB program and love it. I’ve been training with Loudy for nearly 2.5 years and would highly recommend her programs to everyone.

    Rosie, Vic, Australia

    Rosie, Vic, Australia

    I’ve been training with Loudy for over 3 years and definitely believe in her methodology of training smart. My body changed very quickly and I am fitter than ever with only two sessions a week.

    Lana, Vic, Australia

    Lana, Vic, Australia

    28 day blitz done. 2.9kgs lost. Tremendous knowledge gained (who knew that too much starch was my downfall all these years)! I've tried 12WBT & I Quit Sugar programs and have to say the 28 day blitz diet #notadiet has fitted seamlessly into the chaos of a 2-kids-under-6 family, unlike the others. I feel confident heading into the silly (eating/drinking) season to make good choices, but most importantly, not be too hard on myself when the odd fruit mince pie finds its way into my belly....

    Jacinta, NSW, Australia

    Jacinta, NSW, Australia

    I've done it!! Made it through ( & thoroughly loved) the MBB 28 Day Challenge. Although this, for me, was not all about losing weight it feels great to compare my start date weight & measurements to my end results. I have lost 2.4 kgs, 3cm off my thighs, 11 (!!!) cm off my tummy, 5cm off my hips and 3cm from my arms! But best of all, I have created great healthy habits in my eating and exercise and I know I will be able to easily continue them.

    Reg, NSW, Australia

    Reg, NSW, Australia

    I'm down 4.2kgs, so officially smashed my 4kg goal with a week to go. Feeling awesome!

    Kate, Vic, Australia

    Kate, Vic, Australia

    I felt really great by the end of the challenge, so thank you for the materials, your support and your encouragement. The program really helped me get back on track with eating well and making good choices about what sort of food I eat. I know it’s not about the number but I’ve lost around 6kg so far, my clothes feel good & I’m no longer beating myself up like I was. Your program has given me to platform I needed to get me back on track to a healthy lifestyle.

What can I expect after the 28 Day Kick-Start Challenge?

You can expect to see and feel measurable results.  Most people lose an average of 2.5-3kg, but this depends on your initial weight & of course goals. It’s not always about weight loss, but expect to see more tone and you will have more energy if you follow the program closely.

When will my program start?

Once you sign up, you will get instant access to the programs. For the 28 Day Kick-Start you have 60 days access to the portal. For Lifestyle Membership, you will have access until you cancel. The first thing that you should become familiar with is the goal-setting guides and nutrition guidelines and also join the online community. You will get a series of emails to start you on the relevant program so you won’t feel overwhelmed at any time.

I’m really short on time, how much exercise will I be expected to do?

This program is about training smart – quality, not quantity. There are scheduled rest days, but you can change your training days to fit with your schedule. In the beginning weeks, 2-3 x 20-30 minutes sessions are included. These take priority over anything else, so if you are time poor focus on these sessions.

I don’t have a gym membership, can I join the program?

You don’t need a gym membership to join my program. The PT sessions have a no equipment workout included every week. If the workouts do include equipment it can be substituted for other exercises in the exercise guides. Most of the exercises use body weight only and some use small dumbbells also. If you do not have a gym membership, I recommend purchasing a Swiss ball, a yoga mat and a skipping rope, but you can definitely start without this equipment.

I travel A LOT (and I mean A LOT), can I still do the program?

Yes. I highly recommend the program if you travel for work. Routine is so important and I strongly suggest doing these workouts in the morning before your day begins, especially if plane travel is involved. Most of the exercises can be substituted for body weight versions.

How long do I stay in the program, and can I cancel anytime?

The 28 Day Kick-Start is a one off payment. The membership program is designed for you to stay as long as you want. You can cancel anytime, no contracts.

What makes MBB different from other fitness and wellness programs?

Ongoing support and coaching is vital for success. I answer all questions personally and you will also get added content such as recipes and live workouts with the membership program. This is a complete comprehensive resource to assist you on your health and wellness journey. You can also use the program as you wish – some people use it for the recipes, others just for the workouts – everyone’s goals are different, but I am here to support your journey in any way I can. The program is also adaptable – I have low impact versions of the challenge and often will work with members to ascertain what they need.

What about nutrition?

Nutrition is so important and vital to making changes to your body. The recipes and meal plans are flexible and suitable for the whole family. The nutrition guidelines ensure you are still able to have a social life and still see results! Most of the recipes are gluten free & grain free, but are adaptable to other intolerances.